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How Can You Help?

Three Ways You Can Help Make a Difference

  1. Contribute to Send Paradise a Builder GoFundMe Campaign.

  2. Fund Low Interest Construction Loans, One Year Term, secured by the parcel of property and improvements.                                   (Your help and your investment is secured and returned!)

  3. Financial Partnering on specific projects.  

Why Send Paradise a Builder?

Reconstruction requires experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated construction professionals, able to be onsite and with a stake in the success of the process.  With Paradise California the process will take several years.  A builder will need to locate there to be effective.

What Will it Take?

  • Mobilization and Moving: Relocating residence, moving tools, vehicles, and equipment.

  • Obtaining proper licensing with State of California

  • Ability to secure Lots.

  • Assurance of Construction funds or financing for each project. 

How Does This Help?

Those who have suffered loss will go forward in various ways.  Some will choose to sell and move.  Re-building creates a market that will give them a better option to cash out.  Others will choose to rebuild.  They will need experienced builders and contractors to accomplish that.  

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