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Kroon's Construction, LLC is owned and managed by Robert Corbett.  


Experience Resume of Robert Corbett

I am a very versatile and highly proficient construction professional with forty-five years’ experience.  Now before that statement makes you think I am too old for your team, please take the time to read on to understand why I would be a valuable asset for your project.

First, to quell doubts, I am healthy, agile, and can still outperform most of the younger workers.

My experience covers the full gamut of trades, supervision, and administration with about a 50/50 split in time experience between hands-on running crews in the trades and construction management.

Trade Experience

For about half of my years in construction I have been a self-employed General Contractor.  During this time, I built many homes from ground up.  I have done: the ground utilities; excavations; formed and poured foundations; framed; trussed; roofed; plumbed; wired; insulated; drywalled and finished; trimmed; painted; and every other trade involved and all with the required inspections.

Along with my own work I performed sub-contract work of all these trades for other builders.

For some of these years, when the economy was lean, I concentrated on remodels.  I have done window replacements for large apartment complexes, and for many homes; a large number of bath remodels including custom tilework, cabinetry, and heated floors; room additions; decks; kitchens; laminate floors; etc.

So, in short, I am highly skilled across the trades with an A+ quality output.

Supervisory Experience

For three years I was General Field Manager for a production home building company called Building Building LLC in Vancouver, WA.  I was in charge of all field operations.  The production volume was about 200 homes per year with about 40 under construction at once. 

The duties I performed included: Supervision of subdivision development; estimating and plan take-offs: purchasing and procurement; sub-contractor development and contract management; scheduling; company workforce management; inspection management; safety compliance; progress and coordination meetings; quality control; risk and loss management; conflict resolution; problem resolution; and customer interface along with any incidental that came along.

Project Management 

For one year (2008-2009) I had a Contract Construction Project Manager position representing LifePort Inc. to oversee the construction of LifePort Armor building and LifePort Air Medical.  The products the company produced were for helicopter outfitting.

The Armor building was a new, ground up 48,000 sq. ft. industrial manufacturing building and production floor with 10,000 ft. of office.  That was a $3M job.  The Air Medical building was a complete remodel of a 48,000 sq. ft. existing building for a production floor and 12,000 ft. of engineering office.

My duties were: Contract management; insuring owner’s requirements: draw approvals; contractor and sub-tier contractor management; submittal approvals; scope management; quality control; contingency management; money flow projections; schedule assurance; aid in laying out fluid production flows; and change order management and tracking. 

These jobs were completed, and I received excellent references from the Chairman, the CEO, and the CFO of the company.  Soon afterward the company was sold to Sikorsky.


Beside the administration required to run my own companies, and the positions I worked for other companies, I have been on the Board of Directors for Fish First-Lewis River.  This is a non-profit whose purpose is to ‘Restore salmon runs on the Lewis River’.  I have been the Administrator for this non-profit for about 6 years, as well as project manager and grant writer for their salmon habitat projects.

I have developed grant presentations and presented them before large multi-department government boards and been successful in obtaining grants.  These grant writings become large technical writings and presentations covering many disciplines of science, and government permitting.  A grant round can take two years and involves several presentations, and a large amount of technical writing. 

After obtaining grants I also project managed the implementation of the projects in the river.

I set up the website for this company: , Managed their funds, tracked expenses, materials, and labor, invoiced the state as required, and maintained Government contractor status.

My hope is that this Resume will show that I am a unique individual with a wide range of talent.

Currently, my wife and I are fairly unencumbered with anchors and would be willing to relocate. 

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